Mālō e lelei – Welcome in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Sia’atoutai Theological College was established on the 14th August 1948 and named, Sia’atoutai, by Her Late Majesty Queen Salote Tupou III. Sia’atoutai describes the fisherman’s skilled knits in making nets that befits the desired catch of fish. Thus, STC is seen as an institute for preparing of men/women to ‘catch’ people for God, and also for the Church (Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga). On top of that, the College also aims at training servants to provide sustenance and enrichment for the lives of those who are coming to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Prior to the establishment of Sia’atoutai in 1948, the Church’s Ministerial Training has already a Motto believed to be coined by Rev’d Dr. Harold Wood as ‘Ke Kalaisi’ia mo Kelesi’ia’. Eventually, Rev’d K. D. Groove, the first principal of Sia’atoutai Theological College chose to remain with the same Motto but with his addition of “’Oku tau Langa ki ‘Itaniti”. This was not an easy transition, as some preferred the original while others went with the new version. To mark the 25th Anniversary of Siaatoutai in 1973, it was agreed to combine the two and the Motto officially became “Ke Kalaisi’ia mo Kelesi’ia ‘Etau Langa ki ‘Intaniti” (Through Christ and Grace we build to Eternity!” Such mandate has kept the College going for now 72 years. Yearly themes of the College are formulated around this understanding of the Motto.

The College has always been the center for the spiritual formation and theological training for both the lay and ordained ministry of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga. There are five academic programs in the College. The first four are pure academic biblical and theological study programs. They are the Certificate in Theology and Pastoral Ministry, which is taught and examined in the Tongan vernacular; Diploma in Theology and Bachelor of Divinity, which are taught and examined in English; and the Women’s Program which requires the participation of all students’ wives and is taught and examined in Tongan as well. The fifth is the Ministerial Formation and Training Program designed for training of probationary ministers.

Sia’atoutai’s Certificate program covers four theological disciplines , namely Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics, Church History and Pastoralia, and is thus recognized by the SPATS (South Pacific Association of Theological Studies) as an advanced Certificate program. Our BD program has proven to provide a solid foundation for further studies and is thus being recognized by academic institutions in the Pacific and abroad.

Our community life operates in a circuit structure of eight villages. An ordained faculty member heads each village and assisted by an appointed student as village steward. They administer village lives and activities under the direction of the administration.

Malo ‘aupito

Rev’d Dr. Tevita Koloa’ia Havea